Monday, 13 April 2015

Greetings music lovers, here's the next instalment from the Fashion back catalogue .... 


Love’s Gotta Take Its Time

Another journey into the Fashion vaults, and we return with Nerious’ classic debut album from 1987, ten tracks – plus a special bonus - of classic conscious Lover’s Rock from one of the UK’s best loved singers.

Nerious has had a career that has spanned thirty years, and he is still going strong – this album announced the arrival of a major new UK reggae talent and sounds as good today as it did back then. 

The songs still sound fresh as do the rhythms which were played by the cream of the UK’s session musicians, including Angus ‘Drummie’ Gaye from Aswad, Errol and Ewan Robinson from One Blood and top guitarist Ciyo Brown as well as the mighty Massive Horns.

Downloads may be purchased from iTunes, Amazon and Reggae Records Store.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Hope everyone had a great Easter, there's another classic Fashion album available for download!


The latest release from the Fashion Records vault is a classic collection of tunes from top reggae artists such as Frankie Paul, Leroy Gibbon, Mikey General, Horace Andy, Joseph Cotton and two of Jamaica’s true legends, the sadly missed Delroy Wilson and the late, great Junior Delgado.

All ten tracks were recorded, voiced and mixed at Fashion’s A-Class studio while the artists were visiting in the UK in the late 80’s, and this vintage collection was only ever issued on vinyl, making this the first digital release for this album.

Downloads may be purchased from iTunes, Amazon and Reggae Records Store.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Apologies for the long delay since our last post, we've been very busy preparing some of our back catalogue for uploading..... 

....expect classic albums from Phillip Leo, Nerious Joseph and Glen Brown as well as Various Artists compilations such as Jamaica's Finest and Raw Groove ...... 

.... and the next album in the 'Significant Hits' series!

Volume 3 of 'Fashion In Fine Style' will be released in the summer....

But first ..... 

Because of technical problems, we have had to reload the Feelings Of Love album by Michael Gordon….. so we thought we’d tell you about it all over again…

In the early 80’s Michael was the lead singer for the legendary Investigators, South London’s top purveyors of Lovers Rock, writing and singing on classic tracks such as Turn Out The Light, Love Is What You Make It and Woman I Need Your Loving.

At the height of their success in 1986 he left the band to embark on a solo career and signed to the local Battersea-based Fashion label, and soon had a huge reggae hit with his debut release, Love Is In The Air.

This success marked the beginning of a new era in Michael’s career as his songwriting and arranging skills blossomed, resulting in more hit singles and, in the following year, his first album which was a collection of original songs including all of his hits and a reprise of Turn Out The Light.

The album was a best seller, showcasing Michael’s unique and elegant style, and featured many of the UK’s top reggae session musicians, including such luminaries as Angus and Tony from Aswad, Clifton ‘Bigga’ Morrison, Ciyo Brown, Mike ‘Bammy’ Rose as well as former members of the Investigators (Ian ‘Spy’ Austin and Reg Graham), Errol and Ewan Robinson (from One Blood)  and a young Leroy ‘Mafia’ Heywood.

Feelings Of Love remains one of the classic Lovers Rock albums and still sounds as fresh and sophisticated as it did nearly thirty years ago!

Feelings Of Love is available on iTunes, Amazon, etc …. 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Missing You.......   Janet Lee Davis 

A Deluxe Edition of Janet's classic Lovers Rock album is now available both as a CD from Bristol's Reggae Archive Records and as a download from the usual stores......

See below for some classic 90's TV action from Janet.....